In the context of digital globalization, businesses have to constantly optimize processes, cut down the costs and focus on added value to have better competitive advantages. RPA is known as a promising solution for these problems, and WinActor – No.1 RPA Solution of Japan is a robotic software which is trusted by many businesses around the world.

1. What is WinActor?

WinActor is an RPA solution (Robotic Process Automation) which not only replaces office workers, but also becomes a tool that always accompanies and develops with people. WinActor is a software robot that remembers and performs automatic operations on Windows application platforms.

2. WinActor benefits for businesses

Easy to use with basic “drag and drop” gestures

WinActor is the friendliest RPA solution in comparison with other ones because users can easily use it without any professional knowledge of IT or programming language. In particular, users can start the automatic process right after installing WinActor even on a personal computer, and manually design scenarios which are suitable for many business contexts in different work positions.

With just a few simple steps, WinActor could help to handle a  huge workload with absolute accuracy and superior processing time:

Automatically record scenarios

WinActor will automatically convert the manipulations which were performed by users into workflows to design business scenarios.

Design scenarios

Users only need to drag and drop nodes into the library to design scenarios for customized operation.

Run scenarios

After pressing the “Run” button, task operation could be performed correctly and continuously 24/7.

Smooth integration

WinActor has the ability to smoothly integrate without any change on the existing systems of enterprises as well as employee’s applications. It’s easy to integrate WinActor with existing platforms and applications such as OCR, ERP, CRM, HRM and AI, Machine learning … The biggest difference of WinActor is that it not only could integrate on Office systems, but also could be implemented on web platforms, desktop applications, etc…, bringing management efficiency for businesses.

Cost savings

With an affordable initial cost, WinActor could be applied to many businesses in various fields. WinActor works continuously 24/7 to handle works following the scheduled time; helps to reduce working hours, overtime, or to eliminate holiday works, … thereby reducing initial costs and operation costs for businesses.

Excellent security

Data security is the top concern, directly affecting the reputation and survival of businesses. WinActor neither needs an internet connection nor interfering with the database, so users only receive the final output without any impact on the working process. Therefore, WinActor avoids the loss of data in the computer, provides high security and eliminates information leakage problems or security issues.

Risk reduction

Unlike humans, WinActor performs tasks with high accuracy, and could minimize the risk because:

  • WinActor runs on pre-programmed scenarios with the highest accuracy and shortest time possible.
  • No need for human operation, minimizing unwanted errors.
  • No emotions or work pressure effect; doing the task repeatedly
  • No concern about resignation, replacement or retraining costs with repetitive jobs, which are easy to cause boredom or when there was too much workload needed to be done.

3. Why should businesses choose WinActor?

Among many tools to support business production – distribution – operation, WinActor still can the number 1 choice thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Automatic operation on all Windows applications
  • Reusable scenarios/ library
  • Developed and applied by NTT Corporation – Japan’s No.1 technology corporation
  • Multi-language support and technical support by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated experts
  • Reasonable price, suitable for various business models
  • Quick installation and user-friendly.

Currently, WinActor is applied in many fields and industries such as accounting, administration – human resources, finance – banking, E-commerce, logistics, … As Japan’s No. 1 RPA solution, WinActor is expected to have global coverage, optimize operating processes and bring new values ‚Äč‚Äčto millions of businesses around the world.