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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a concept that refers to software robotsĀ  in computers that replace intellectual workers who automatically perform desk jobs (mostly jobs with fixed logic).

The concept of RPA started to be used in Japan in 2016, until 2017 created a big buzz thanks to its ease of understanding and ability to deliver quick results. Up to now, along with AI to IoT, RPA has become one of the common IT words that everyone has heard at least once. However, at present, there are still many people who do not fully understand RPA or do not know about the difference and relationship between AI and RPA…

RPA is a perfect solution that delivers various advantages to users including reducing operating hours/cost and improving operational quality. No matter what industry you are in, RPA is a low cost and quick way to drive your workstyle innovation.

about RPA
about winactor

About WinActor

WinActor is a leading RPA software developed by NTT Group, based on technology and know-how platform to aid in increasing work efficiency. WinActor remembers scripts to handle jobs on platforms Windows applications or on a stand-alone business system to automatically perform work on the PC on behalf of the user.

The purpose of developing this tool is not merely to replace human working, but to become a tool that always goes by human side, developing together with people.

WinActor received many positive reviews from customers for its contributions such as saving labor in jobs with fixed logic, improving work efficiency and quality, and optimizing division of labor into jobs, bringing about high added value.

Thanks to the simple application and stable run, at the end of February 2018, WinActor has been adopted by more than 1900 enterprises.

Outstanding advantages
of WinActor Software

icon easy to use

icon Optimal Saving

icon Risk Reduction

icon High Security

icon Smooth Intergration

icon Soon Efficiency

Features of WinActor

Automate your work
with WinActor Platform

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  • 1 Automatically record user actions

    Firstly, record the work you want to automate in WinActor. After starting WinActor and setting it to recording mode, all you have to do is operate it on your PC as usual, WinActor will automatically convert the manipulation content into a flow chart of the operation details and create a scenario.

  • 2 Edit the scenario

    For the scenario created by automatic recording, it is possible to add parts to expand the operation contents and set the data to be called individually. by increasing the number of judgment processes and repetitive processes according to the content of the work, the users' usual operations can be reproduced more faithfully. We also have a wide variety of parts "libraries" that realize common operations, so you can create scenarios without recording everything from the scratch. Since the execution contents are flowed, it is also a big feature that you can name and visualize what kind of operation you are doing one by one and edit it so that anyone can understand it.

  • 3 Run the scenario

    After creating the scenario, users just need to press the Run button and WinActor will automatically perform the job. In addition to scheduling tasks using task scheduler, users can also automatically run WinActor using WinDirector. Besides, users can also choose the robot's running speed on a scale from 0 to 10.

Implementation Process
of Winactor

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    - Take WinActor technical training by utilizing a one-month free trial and various training services

    - In-house recruiting jobs that you want to make into RPA and selecting jobs to be applied as a trial

    icon 2 01

    - Identify the processes and procedures of the selected business, create and execute scenarios, and run PDCA

    icon 3 02

    - Apply WinActor in a specific department within the company
    - Look back on the effects, issues, and points for improvement in the trial, and formulate a plan for company-wide expansion

    icon 4 01

    - Establish a system and rules to support and maintain the introduction of RPA with company-wide expansion

    icon 5

    - Expand to the entire company by utilizing the know-how of the department introduced in the trial

    icon 6 01

    - Establish a system and rules to support and maintain the introduction of RPA with company-wide expansion

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