Nowadays, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software robot is widely applied and actively contributing to the operations of many businesses in various sectors, thanks to the high efficiency it offers. Some of the benefits include productivity improvement and time savings.

1. Some industries with successful RPA applications

The fundamental role of RPA in economic development is undeniable. There are many sectors successfully applying RPA, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and telecom, etc.


The application of RPA in the banking industry will bring about higher work efficiency, ensuring data accuracy and information security. 


Insurance companies take advantage of RPA to administer workflow, input client data, and so on. The tool helps with planning and supervising, so the data center can operate 24/7. Therefore, the operating costs of related tasks will drop sharply, and repetitive jobs, especially, can be reduced by 50-70% in insurance companies.


In the manufacturing sector, RPA takes responsibility for supply chain procedures, document payment, customer service administration, and data migration support and reporting, etc.


RPA assists the healthcare sector in scheduling, patient data entry, processing request, and payment, etc. 


The retail sector benefits from RPA in order updates, notifying, product delivery, and shipment tracking, etc. 


RPA helps supervise, manage data and update customer information. 

2. Some applications of RPA in businesses

Data update

Most departments such as HR, customer service, and sales are required to constantly update the ever-changing data of customers and employees. Applying RPA solutions to automatically process data from forms or emails can ensure fast and accurate data access of other related departments. 

Data validation

Typically, information validation tools can be embedded in a database. However, with data validation tasks such as overt cross-checking available data, RPA utilization is more suitable and sufficient. 

Planning and exporting periodic reports 

Frequent reporting is a must to every employee to inform managers and ensure that staffs are aware of their progress. Report document preparation and weekly submission may not be strenuous, but they can be distracting. Luckily, RPA has come as a rescue since it can effortlessly and automatically generate reports, analyze the content, and base on that content, send emails to related parties. 

Composing and sending mass email

RPA tools help automatically compose and send mass emails based on data from various systems of the business. Therefore, companies can save more time and reduce potential errors of manual methods. 

RPA Solution has been successfully applied in various industries, helping automate manual and repetitive tasks. Thanks to its flexibility, RPA is contributing to generating a new working method of the future.