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As a business operating in the manufacturing, financial or banking industry, what challenges are you facing? 

Efficiency: Are you looking to reduce the time and effort it takes to process manual tasks? 

Security: Do you want to protect your data and systems from threats? 

Customer experience: Do you want to provide faster and more efficient customer service? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then Dx Suite and WinActor are the technology solutions for you. 

What are WinActor and DX Suite? 

WinActor is the No. 1 RPA solution in Japan that makes it easy to automate any business process. WinActor is the leading RPA software developed by NTT DATA. WinActor is based on a technology platform and automation process to help customers increase productivity by memorizing scripts to process tasks independently without human intervention. The solution has been trusted by over 6,000 customers and 440 partners in over 50 countries around the world. 

DX Suite is the AI-OCR (Artificial Intelligence – Optical Character Recognition) solution – the No. 1 AI-powered optical character recognition technology in Japan, that digitizes any document with high accuracy for all types of documents, provided by NTT DATA and produced by AI Inside. DX Suite performs data conversion tasks from manual to automatic and continuous, has multilingual capabilities, and can recognize handwritten characters. 

DX Suite and WinActor can be customized by experts to fit the operational processes of each business. 

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