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In the era of Industry 4.0, customer experience is becoming a critical factor in determining the success of businesses, especially in the banking industry. Account opening is one of the first experiences that customers have with a bank. So how can automated account opening help banks improve customer experience? 

Benefits of automated account opening: 

Save time and effort for customers: Customers can open accounts online anytime, anywhere, without going to the bank, stand in line, or wait. 

Increase convenience and ease: The automated account opening process is designed to be simple and easy to understand, making it easy for customers to complete the procedure. 

Reduce errors: The automated account opening process is carried out on the system, helping reduce errors in the process of processing files. 

NTT DATA is one of the leading IT groups in Japan. With its practical experience in the financial-banking sector in many regions around the world, NTT DATA specializes in providing automation technology solutions to optimize data processing, which banks can fully apply to implement the automated account opening process. 

To implement the automated account opening process, banks need to have a modern IT system that meets the following demands: 

Ability to integrate with other bank systems: The automated account opening process needs to be integrated with other bank systems, such as the customer identification system (KYC), the customer relationship management system (CRM), the payment system, etc. 

Ability to automatically process input data: The automated account opening process needs to be able to automatically process input data from customers, such as personal information, financial information, etc. DX Suite & WinActor – NTT DATA’s No. 1 Japanese automation solution makes it easy for you to automatically enter customer data at a fast speed and high accuracy, reducing risks compared to manual entry. 

Ability to detect and handle errors: The automated account opening process needs to be able to detect and handle errors, such as input errors, system errors, etc. 

In addition, banks also need to have a team of highly skilled and professional staff to support customers during the account opening process. 

NTT DATA is a provider of automated account opening solutions for banks. With its advantages in experience and expertise, NTT DATA is committed to providing banks with optimal solutions to help improve customer experience and grow revenue. 

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