What Are The Uses Of RPA For SMEs? In the past, many people mistakenly believed that RPA was only suitable for large enterprises. Because they think that large enterprises will have enough funds and are ideal for automating the process. 

This view is entirely wrong, and Robotic Process Automation is designed for all businesses. Its primary purpose is to help companies to solve the problem of optimizing workflows to become more efficient. The following article of WinActor Support proves that even in small and medium enterprises, RPA is still capable of working effectively.

What is SMEs?

The full name of SMEs is Small and Medium Enterprises. This phrase is used to refer to the common name of small and medium enterprises. Currently, in developing countries, almost all enterprises are small and medium-sized.

Currently, some SMEs are facing the situation of applying incomplete processes. Enterprises have realized that, but they cannot come up with solutions to optimize their operations. Many inefficient, repetitive jobs are still done by manual workers every day. It is this weakness that has led to a decrease in the labor productivity of SMEs.

Therefore, to improve and optimize business processes, businesses need to use technology solutions. One of them is the RPA process automation robot. By using software robots, companies will have the opportunity to restructure their processes. 

Repetitive jobs that require precision are passed on to RPA. At the same time, the data aggregation and analysis features of the software robot will help businesses find the bottlenecks that make the process inefficient.

In addition, when it comes to RPA in SMEs, you can’t help but mention the following 4 benefits:

  • Customer Relations
  • Invoice Process
  • Payroll
  • Data Management and Analysis

The 4 enormous benefits lie in different areas of the business. That proves that RPA can work with most departments in SME companies.

uses of rpa for smes

Customer Relations

Customer relations is the first area where RPA is likely to work in SMEs. Specifically, software robots can effectively automate many tasks within customer service. From there, SME customer support will work better.

In customer relations, automated robots will step by step validate data related to customer records and integrate, importantly, required data sets. At the same time, it will eliminate the manual actions of employees when switching between applications.

Another application of Robotic Process Automation in customer relations is the integration of a chatbot auto-responder system. This way, businesses can rely on that feature to promptly address customer requests and complaints, at the same time, direct customers to the right staff to resolve their complaints as quickly as possible.

Invoice Process

Invoicing is an essential task for every business. This work needs to be done on time and accurately. Because any error will directly affect the customer. From there, the reputation and quality of the business may be lowered.

For businesses that have many orders every day, taking advantage of manual labor will sometimes make mistakes. Moreover, each invoice will have many different formats, and the staff will not concentrate on continuously changing the design.

Recognizing that situation, SMEs have applied RPA technology. Automated software robots capable of efficient invoice processing contribute to significantly working time reduction. Now, the formatting issue will be thoroughly handled by RPA. XLSX, DOCX, PDF file systems will no longer be a dilemma for businesses.


Setting up Payroll is a job that needs absolute precision. Because this confusion will directly affect the employees of the business, you can now simplify the payroll setup using RPA.

Robotic Process Automation will replace humans to perform tasks such as:

  • Aggregate personal information
  • Salary Calculation
  • Statistics of overtime hours
  • Revenue money
  • Other discounts

All the data will show on the computer when the whole statistical work is completed. It can be that this is a significant turning point contributing to the workload reduction for the HR department. From there, employees can focus on other essential tasks.

Data Management and Analysis

Data is an essential element for businesses to make the right decisions about future goals. For small and medium-sized companies, statistics and data aggregation is necessary. It is the key to promoting the growth and expansion of the business in the future.

So how can the best data optimization? Small and medium businesses should choose to use an RPA solution. 

The software robot will collect a large amount of data at any time of the day without any manipulation errors. At the same time, all data will be saved to the relevant business software. Businesses can open at any time.

It can be that the significance of data analysis is immense. It will help businesses evaluate the current capacity of the whole company. 

In addition, they will find bottlenecks that make their workflow not perfect. Enterprises can be assured of the quality of information that RPA brings because the software robot logically and accurately processes all data according to the set rules.

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Who Is The RPA Solution Provider For SMEs?

Currently, many information technology enterprises manufacture and develop process automation systems such as Uipath, Blue Prism, NTT, etc… Each technology company will have its ways of going in the trade war commercialization of RPA products.

If you are wondering about choosing a company that provides RPA solutions, then NTT is a good suggestion. NTT is the number 1 IT corporation in Japan. The company’s RPA solution is called WinActor. 

Developed since 2015, WinActor of NTT Group has proven its ability to work in many other aspects and fields. If you are a business enterprise who wants to automate order processing and improve customer care, WinActor can meet your requirement. This technology allows you to create good quality virtual human resources to work and process information accurately.



It can be that the RPA solution has brought people a lot of benefits. It is the perfect virtual assistant for any business when almost all desk jobs are done quickly and efficiently by RPA. 

Based on process memorization, Robotic Process Automation can work smoothly without any errors. And all the data that RPA aggregates and analyzes is highly reliable. Businesses can rely on it to find bottlenecks to improve and optimize their workflow.