The business world has witnessed a significant increase in robotic process automation adoption in companies. And Indonesia – an emerging market – is not an exception. How does robotic process automation benefit Indonesian companies? What is trending in the Indonesia RPA market?

What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation – a revolution in business process automation to optimize business operations while reducing costs. This process automation needs people to write instructions for a robot (bot) to perform. The robot here actually is not a physical one. Rather, it is a software robot running on a physical or virtual machine. 

With the help of robotic process automation software, most mundane and repetitive tasks do not belong to employees only. In this automation process, people will play the role of a controller – overseeing the bots. 

RPA Indonesia trend

The RPA Indonesia market is among the most developing and dynamic nations for robotic process automation. Indonesian companies are doing well in taking full advantage of RPA technology in their operation.

Since it was introduced in Indonesia, finance and accounting are the 2 main fields where RPA technologies are applied most. This trend is increasingly expanding to other fields such as manufacturing. 

Besides, a similar feature of these fields is the huge number of repetitive, boring, and computer-based tasks. This feature makes them good candidates for robotic process automation technology. The expansion of usage cases I no doubt release in Indonesian companies and customer service is witnessing a significant increase in RPA technology. By applying robotic process automation technology, customer service employees no longer have to enter customer information into a database form. This task now belongs to the bots, leaving time for employees to respond to customer requests and leading to a great increase in customer satisfaction. 

RPA Indonesia’s market expansion also raises concerns related to data privacy and security. To automate data movement, Indonesian companies have to adopt related technology, for instance, process intelligence. RPA technology and related software will make it easier to discover and collect data across the companies’ systems. However, it does come with a cost: a threat to data security that requires solutions.

RPA Indonesia

Benefits of implementing RPA tool in Indonesia companies

More and more companies worldwide are applying robotic process automation technology in their businesses to facilitate improvement. Indonesia companies need to adopt this tech advance if they are about to survive and achieve continuous development. 

More accurate

Since employees are just humans, they are not 100% accurate all the time. Robotic process automation technology, on the other hand, works exactly as it is programmed. The errors made by humans can be eliminated with the help of robotic process automation. Once adopting RPA software to solve some specific tasks in their businesses,  companies will witness fewer errors. As a result, the time and effort needed to solve such errors will decrease significantly. 

Robotic process automation technology does not make mistakes related to numbers and calculation – which often happen to humans. Moreover, these robots have no intention and no distraction, meaning that they just focus on their tasks and no one or thing can interrupt their work.  Robotic process automation technology is correct right from the start and all the efforts, leading to a huge covid-saving and high customer service.

Leave time and effort for intelligent employees to focus on important tasks 

Another reason why Indonesian companies have to implement robotic process automation is to secure human resources. Once RPA technology is used, Indonesian companies can reduce the burden put on employees. The employees are now free from boring and repetitive tasks; thus, they have time to focus more on strategic tasks that are helpful to the development of the companies. 

Employees get sick of the large amount of repetitive and boring work. Once Indonesian companies adopt RPA in their operations, employees are free from such tasks. They now have time to do something more important and innovate, giving them a strong sense of contribution. Once they feel that they can contribute greatly to the development of the companies, they tend to stay longer. As a result, companies will experience a low retirement rate.

Reduce waste

Indonesia companies can eliminate waste once they implement RPA technology in their operations. This technological innovation allows businesses to review their current operation flow to see whether there are wastes in any specific task. Then, they can take action to eliminate those wastes and save the companies’ resources. 

Moreover, RPA Indonesia technology allows companies to enhance work efficiency and decrease waste of working time. In comparison with humans, robotic process automation technology is faster and more accurate. For instance, if an employee can open 60 emails in 10 minutes, a robot in 10 minutes can open up to 600 emails – 10 times faster.

Gain customer satisfaction

Everyone doing business knows how important customer satisfaction is to their companies. The huge amount of tasks needed to be solved prevents customer service employees from providing good customer service. Robotic process automation will free them from forms and tabulations, giving them more time for attentive customer service tasks. Indonesia companies can achieve significant customer satisfaction easily once they are adopting RPA technology in their operations.

RPA tool of WinActor

WinActor is a comprehensive RPA tool that can help businesses optimize their operations. Although RPA Indonesia is a new market, many big names are operating in it because they see the potential of the RPA in this tech era. WinActor is among the best ones providing RPA solutions to businesses. NTT Laboratories developed its core technology. WinActor software will first overview the company’s tasks as scenarios and then automate repetitive and computer-based tasks. Since it is relatively simple to use, more than 4,400 companies worldwide are using it to optimize their operations.

The RPA Indonesia trend is affecting companies positively. More and more, Indonesia is turning to RPA technology for the competitive advantages that this tech innovation brings. Realizing the trend and optimizing business operations is what Indonesian companies should head for if they are about to survive and develop.