As you know, online business is the largest commercial model today. Some leading corporations in the field of e-commerce, such as Amazon, Alibaba,… 

To be so successful, they have applied a combination of B2B business model and automation technology. RPA process. This way, every function of the manufacturing business will run smoothly and efficiently.

What Is B2B?

B2B’s full name is “Business to Business.” This business model appears and works effectively in the field of e-commerce. In some complicated cases, B2B will occur in reality based on contract minutes, product purchase quotes, and direct agreements between the parties.

Different from other business models, the B2B model has an efficient separate purchasing process. It saves time, costs and brings many various cooperation opportunities for businesses. 

In addition, the use of the B2B model also eliminates individual factors because it will benefit the whole team and has a higher logic factor.

What Kind Of Role Does RPA Play In The B2B World

What Is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation is abbreviated as RPA, which is the most famous process automation software technology robot. It is capable of performing repetitive tasks and has fixed logic. 

In addition, with fast and accurate data processing speed, RPA will completely replace humans in some office jobs.

Besides, businesses can use software robots to improve labor productivity because bots can work continuously for a long time. 

At the same time, with desk jobs such as data entry, sending emails, notifications,… RPA can completely handle and solve problems effectively. Therefore, many people have asked the question: “Is RPA stealing people’s jobs?”

The answer is NO. In fact, RPA is just serving people to solve boring, repetitive tasks. It is incapable of self-study and creativity. 

And when using software robots, businesses will free up manual labor. Everyone will have the opportunity to work in a more exciting and creative environment.

The combination of Robotic Process Automation with the B2B business model will create a perfect workflow. RPA will add several essential features to B2B that contribute to a complete model. 

From there, businesses can use both in parallel to optimize and develop their business model effectively. Here are 2 great applications of RPA in the business field.

RPA In Marketing And Sales

Marketing and Sales play an essential role in any business. This department is responsible for bringing products closer to consumers. 

A company will not be able to function without these two critical positions. As a result, some mistakes made in the sales department can negatively affect the business’s sales.

To minimize errors with sales and marketing departments, many businesses have applied process automation robots. RPA will help enterprises to perform repetitive tasks with absolute precision.

For example, Robotic Process Automation can update CRM (customer management software) data automatically. It will share the necessary information for business software. 

Thus, employees will not have to perform manual data entry tasks, minimizing manipulation errors at work. In addition, when businesses have a desire to activate and accelerate sales, RPA will help them aggregate and divide data into separate categories. The management then uses them to present to the marketing and sales department.

Another notable feature that contributes to customer relations optimization is a chatbot. At that time, RPA will automatically provide the necessary information to customers 24/7. 

Moreover, some other tasks such as sending automatic notifications or emails are also taken care of by RPA. From there, customers will receive helpful information, special programs for the business. 

In addition, based on purchases, the software robot can monitor and evaluate customers through e-commerce sites or sales websites. Enterprises will understand the service quality of their company and the tendency of customers to choose products.

RPA In The Back Office

In the enterprise model, the back-office is as critical as marketing and sales. When this department has a technical error, it will affect the whole business process. 

The most complex and error-prone job is entering invoices. When employees have to process large amounts of data from PDFs, Words, XLSX,… they will quickly lose focus and feel bored with that pile of documents.

To overcome that situation, RPA has been applied to the B2B model using accurate data processing and storage. In addition, robotic process automation can also perform payroll entry and other tasks requiring high concentration.

In addition to working efficiently with large documents, RPA can also take care of assessment and analysis, reducing turnaround time for the entire enterprise. Working with numbers will be easier for management. They will have an overview of the information RPA brings.

Another department where RPA is also working well is the HR department. It will be installed by staff to find CVs online, scan and evaluate them automatically. 

From there, the recruitment process will become optimized and effective. The admission committee will find bright candidates to contribute to the quality of human resources for the company.

The Best RPA Solution Company Today

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Hopefully, this article will give you an overview of the combination of process automation robots and B2B business models. Many businesses have been effectively applying these two technologies in their processes, especially for companies operating firmly in the field of online business.