Currently, in the era of industrial 4.0 development, many software technologies have been born: RPA, HyperAutomation, Process Mining,…. This software allows you to improve your business productivity significantly. 

With each technology, it will help the business in a different aspect. And the following article of WinActor Support will give you an overview of Hyper Automation process automation software.

What Is Hyperautomation

According to Gartner, hyperautomation is a tool that allows automation of operational processes in an enterprise. By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), this innovative technology can tackle repetitive manual tasks without human intervention.

This software super-automates machine learning, artificial intelligence AI and RPA process automation robots to transform legacy processes and implementations. 

This transformation will bring many benefits to businesses. It will bring efficiency in terms of costs and resources of the company. Most employees who perform desk jobs will not have to do those jobs. All had Hyperautomation instead.

The integration of many technologies into hyper-automation has made this software more optimized and efficient. It can do more work and requires more creativity. Each technology that hyper-automation uses will have a different mission:

  • RPA: perform repetitive, structured work in a digital system.
  • Machine Learning: This technology uses algorithms to teach computers to perform complex operations on their own without additional human programming.
  • Artificial Intelligence AI: AI will analyze data and make decisions. Then, they will solve problems by simulating human logical thinking.
  • Big Data: This technology allows you to store, analyze and manage the massive amount of data generated by devices. The primary purpose of this work is to identify patterns and develop optimal solutions.
  • Chatbots: This is a system based on integrating many technologies: AI, ML, and NPL. This tool can hold a human conversation in real-time using text or voice.
  • Cobots: this is an excellent example of a cooperative robot. They mean that cobots will share tasks with humans.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Amplifies Automation Of Work

As for RPA, it automates a set of repetitive tasks of a fixed logic. As for Hyper Automation, it is a collection of many different components, tools, and technologies. This super automation software will amplify the level of automation you can apply to your business. Then, you will have the opportunity to do more work and significantly improve productivity.

Automated Processes

Compared to RPA, Hyper Automation has moved beyond just performing repetitive tasks of fixed logic. Hyper-automated software is capable of executing processes involving knowledge, strategy, and logical thinking. It can work smarter and more optimally than RPA. At this point, most of the desk staff will be released. HyperAutomation will replace humans to perform those tasks with extremely high labor productivity effectively.

Fosters Team Collaboration

It can be that Hyperautomation is the complete software for everything. It can connect to everything in the working system. For example finance and IT teams, hyper-automation is an integral part of new transformation, combining data, processes, and operations. 

The reason for such a breakthrough in all aspects is that hyper-automation has effectively integrated technologies. From there, a process automation system inside Hyperautomation will be to perform various tasks.

Improved Productivity

The application of Hyperautomation will help businesses solve large volumes of work in a short time. From there, labor productivity will improve significantly, and the cost of hiring manual labor will be reduced. 

In addition, super-automation software helps businesses eliminate bottlenecks, optimize and fix time-consuming manual tasks. At that time, the workforce will be more productive and motivated to take on positions that require more creativity.

Advanced Analytics And Insights

Currently, many businesses still cannot find the weaknesses in their production line systems. They don’t know how to optimize the process efficiently. To overcome that situation, Hyperautomation was born.

This technology allows us to collect essential data so that businesses can cover their entire workflow. In addition, the software’s super self-assimilation can predict future results, which companies will rely on to make adjustments and refinements accordingly.

How Does Hyperautomation Work?

By combining multiple technologies, the power and flexibility of Hyperautomation are greatly improved. It goes on to become the world’s most innovative super automation software. 

Tasks that were not possible before Hyperautomation can now work smoothly with a high degree of efficiency. At this point, people will have the opportunity to focus on tasks of more excellent value: making decisions, interpreting data, and using critical thinking.

The primary platform of Hyperautomation includes:

  • A software robot that automates the process RPA
  • Intelligent business process management (iBPMS)
  • Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
  • Some information tools

In addition, Hyperautomation can also create a digital twin organization, the DTO. This organization can simulate how processes interact and show where value is being made in real-time.

The Main Difference Between Hyper-Automation And RPA

The main difference between RPA and Hyperautomation is working with and interacting with the system. RPA alone is not enough for businesses to thoroughly optimize their workflow. Because RPA only performs repetitive tasks with fixed logic. They still need close human supervision.

With Hyperautomation, businesses can automate large and complex workflows. It is capable of working efficiently with high precision. All the data that hyper-automation brings will be very reliable. 

Because not only RPA, Power Automation also integrates many other technologies: ML, AI, …. So, solving work quickly will become more accessible with super automation software.

In addition, Hyperautomation can interpret big data and apply AI-based process insights to deliver innovative solutions for practical problem-solving.

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Hopefully, the article will help you better understand Hyperautomation technology. It can be that super automation software is the most modern technology today to solve the problem of process optimization for businesses. 

The perfect combination of technologies helps Hyperautomation to solve work more efficiently and intelligently. It will progress to become the most comprehensive business process management, working, and optimization software in the future.