Currently, to assess the quality of a company’s performance in a quarter or a year, businesses will need to aggregate and examine large amounts of previous data. This job takes a lot of their time and sometimes will bring employees discomfort because there is too much information to aggregate. 

To overcome that situation, many businesses decided to use Process Mining software. So The following article will help you answer what is Process Mining and why you need to use it.

What is process mining?

Process mining is an analytical discipline for discovering how your processes actually run, improving them based on your insights, and monitoring the effects of your measurements. Process Mining extracts knowledge from event logs readily available in today’s information systems.

Today, Process Mining is software used by many businesses. It is responsible for analyzing data to discover, track and optimize your actual business processes. Basically, process mining will process old data to give an overview of the business’s work in the past.

By doing that, process mining automatically builds a process. And when the data is aggregated, you will find the bottlenecks and inefficiencies the company is suffering from. From there, all barriers that hinder productivity and labor will be removed.

What is process mining

Benefits of Process mining

Due to the ability to work with data logs effectively, process mining offers businesses a lot of benefits:

  • The process used for enterprise-wide scale, no need for human intervention
  • Complete and accurate process analysis based on data logs
  • While it may not fix bottlenecks and address inefficiencies, it will help businesses see those limitations through data.
  • Continuously monitor processes and measure performance improvements.
  • Applications in various industries
  • Simplify compliance with full audit trails
  • Capable of analyzing any process in any field

Now, let’s take a look at the specific benefits it brings in many essential areas:


Process Mining can identify effective curricula through monitoring and evaluating student outcomes and behaviors. For example, it will measure the time students spend viewing material in class. From there, specific measurement numbers will be given, which teachers can rely on to apply new methods to improve teaching quality.

Public construction

Process mining streamlines the invoicing process for public works projects involving various stakeholders, such as construction companies, environmental cleaning companies, etc…


Companies and financial institutions will use process mining software to optimize and reform work processes such as:

  • Improve inter-organizational processes
  • Accountant
  • Increase salary
  • Expanding customer base

In this way, the company’s management system and financial institution will become tighter and more precise. They will not have some financial troubles that disrupt the performance of the whole team.

Health care

Process mining will build on previous data to provide recommendations to doctors. From there, the doctor will have appropriate treatment plans to help reduce the patient’s treatment time.

Software Development

For software development, process mining helps to define a well-documented process. From there, IT administrators can effectively monitor the project. At the same time, declaring the process also allows employees to verify the system’s operating status as expected or not?


In manufacturing, process mining has been doing its role in determining the right resources on a case-by-case basis. In addition, it allows management to transform their business. They will better understand their production process to reallocate human resources: storage space, machinery, labor, etc….


As subscriber numbers continue to grow and activation becomes ever more automatic in the telecommunications sector, the risk of activation failure becomes more common. Therefore, telecom carriers have applied process mining to their systems. 

In this way, process mining helps the telecom company uncover costly problems and customer failures in the ordering process. From there, the network operator can find the direction and overcome the consequences.


Process mining can provide salespeople with essential data for analyzing customer behavior. It will be based on clicks and purchases to assess customer trends. Then, exploiting the process will give accurate recommendations to help sellers increase sales effectively.

In addition, process mining also participates in many different fields. More and more businesses are using process mining as a virtual assistant to help them find bottlenecks in their workflow. From there, companies will have the opportunity to optimize the process.

How Does Process Mining Work?

With the use of process mining, businesses need to visualize and analyze the data that the piece brings. Since the aggregated process mining data is relatively easy to understand, most analysts can see the problem quickly and gauge the effectiveness of the process.

Information technology systems store data for each process step. Therefore, the tools of process mining can display the actual process based on the data log. 

From there, it will synthesize and make specific comments for the working process. Businesses will rely on those numbers to discover the weaknesses and strengths of their business. From there, the work of improving and optimizing the process will take place more effectively.

Improving Processes Through RPA

After exploiting the process, it helps businesses realize the problem’s bottleneck that makes the production process inefficient. They will work to overcome that limitation in a variety of ways. One of the ways that many businesses use today is to apply RPA to their workflow.

Using RPA in the processing system will help businesses efficiently handle repetitive, fixed logic tasks. Each RPA bot can operate on one or more different servers based on their configuration. With the ability to complete work quickly and with absolute accuracy, Robotic Process Automation will help businesses improve production processes efficiently.

Currently, an enterprise is providing good quality RPA solutions, which is NTT – the No. 1 IT Corporation in Japan. The company’s product is called WinActor. In just a short time after its launch, WinActor has risen to become the number 1 best-selling technology product in Japan. 

Why did WinActor create such a craze? Because the benefits it brings to businesses are enormous. In addition to saving time and money, WinActor also helps companies to develop a professional, efficient workflow.

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Hopefully, the article of WinActor Support will help you have an overview of process mining. It is software that gives businesses a lot of benefits. Process mining will rely on data logs to synthesize, analyze and make judgments. 

From there, companies can rely on that to find a new direction for their company. In addition, to improve the production process, businesses can use it in combination with RPA process automation software robots.