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In the throes of escalating competition, manufacturing entities continually seek avenues to streamline production costs while amplifying labor productivity. These seemingly contrasting objectives are intricately linked. While low production costs bolster profits, neglecting labor productivity jeopardizes sustained production and product excellence. Conversely, escalating labor productivity often demands additional investments; uncontrolled production costs hinder optimal returns on these investments. 

So, how can we achieve this delicate equilibrium of “dual standards”? Here are pragmatic solutions to consider: 

Solution 1: Streamline Production Processes 

Optimizing production processes stands as the foremost approach to curtail production expenses. Your company can undertake the following steps: 

– Identify and eliminate redundant steps in the production workflow 

– Reconfigure production sequences for enhanced workflow optimization 

– Introduce automation to streamline and expedite specific production phases 

Solution 2: Harness Technological Advancements 

Embracing modern technology is pivotal in cutting production costs while augmenting labor productivity. Consider implementing the following technologies: 

– Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for streamlined process tracking and optimization 

– Manufacturing Automation Systems (FMS) to minimize labor and bolster production velocity 

– 3D printing technology for cost-effective production of intricate items 

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps you perform repetitive tasks quickly and accurately, especially suitable for office tasks 

– Artificial intelligence-based optical character recognition (AI-OCR) technology helps automate the data entry and processing of documents, reducing the reliance on manual work, saving time and labor for businesses 

Solution 3: Empower Your Workforce 

The workforce significantly influences labor productivity. Empower your employees by: 

– Providing skill-centric training tailored to job requirements 

– Cultivating a positive work environment conducive to continuous learning and growth 

– Conducting fair and transparent evaluations of employee performance 

– Implementing these solutions will aid your company in optimizing production costs while elevating labor productivity. 

Enter WinActor and DX Suite, prominent solutions from Japan designed to bolster production cost efficiency and labor productivity, achieving the coveted “dual standard” for businesses. 

WinActor, NTT DATA’s premier RPA software, is built on cutting-edge technology platforms and automation processes, empowering enhanced work efficiency through task memorization sans human intervention. 

DX Suite, an AI-OCR (Artificial Intelligence – Optical Character Recognition) tool, employs AI to convert diverse documents instantly into high-precision digital data. With multilingual capabilities and handwriting recognition, DX Suite holds a 64% market share as Japan’s top AI-OCR tool. 

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