We will immediately think of posters, eye-catching images, product introduction videos rampant on social networking sites or e-commerce platforms when it comes to media. However, having successful product communication is not enough. It also depends on many other factors: SEO techniques, innovative keyword processing, etc. 

Businesses have applied several modern technologies for a communication department to work effectively. Among them is Robotic Process Automation. The following article of WinActor Support will help you have an overview of RPA in the advertising industry.

Breakthrough development of RPA in recent years

What is RPA?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is widely applied to businesses today. The main task of RPA is to perform repetitive tasks of fixed logic. Jobs that software robots can do: data processing, automated customer care,….

At present, Robotic Process Automation has been doing its tasks well. RPA bots have provided many virtual human resources to businesses, replacing most employees performing tedious, repetitive tasks.

Advantages of process automation robots

Working speed

Robotic Process Automation works 3 times faster than humans. They can work 24 hours a day without rest. In addition, businesses can activate RPA at any time, and these bots are always ready to work in any process without any exceptions.

Increase accuracy

Accuracy is one of the outstanding advantages of process automation robots. Specifically, RPA is strictly compliant during operation. It will not arbitrarily change the process without the change coming from the programmer staff. Especially for jobs that require processing large volumes of data in a short time: invoice processing, real-time business data analysis, etc., RPA is still capable of working effectively. . All the data that RPA works with is highly reliable, businesses can rely on it to analyze and come up with specific strategies for their unit.

Flexible scalability

Flexible scalability is a unique feature of RPA compared to other technologies. Specifically, it has easy compatibility with legacy operations or flexibility during process expansion. With a user-friendly interface, using directly on the user interface, it will be easier for businesses to upgrade RPA systems when the workload changes abnormally. Furthermore, since RPA bots are not fixed pieces of software, they can easily be adjusted as needed to fit the needs of the business.

Cost savings

Currently, Robotic Process Automation is the software that gives businesses extremely high economic benefits. When it can both improve work efficiency, increase ROI as expected, it can save companies a large amount of money from annual system maintenance and error correction. 

RPA does not have manipulation errors when they are in stable operation. At the same time, you can upgrade the bot system flexibly without completely replacing it. From there, businesses can use that money for more critical tasks.

Areas where RPA is likely to operate

Currently, Robotic Process Automation can operate flexibly in various fields. With fixed repetitive desk jobs, software robots are capable of working effectively. Some areas where RPA is playing their role: Insurance, healthcare, real estate, media, business, …..

Communication trends in the 4.0 technology era

Communication work does not stop at putting products on e-commerce sites. Still, it also includes many other activities that contribute to answering the question: “How to make products fastest for customers‚ÄĚ. 

Therefore, businesses are taking full advantage of benefits from the internet to digitize their products and bring their products and services to customers through many different means. 

RPA in the advertising industry 1 1

RPA In Advertising Industry

To increase efficiency in communication, a tool has been applied to this department, Robotic Process Automation. Here are 3 benefits of RPA in the field of communication.

Social Media Follow Up

With advertising projects, observing the impact of the project and the customer’s feedback on the project plays a vital role in whether to change the content, the method of transmission, or not. This job is difficult for many employees because they have to manage a lot of content in an advertising project.

Many companies have used RPA for their communications department to reduce the pressure on employees. Specifically, software robot can assist businesses in tracking their performance in the social media world. 

At the same time, RPA can determine why specific posts have increased likes and interactions. From there, the RPA bots will analyze the performance and send notifications about making new edits to the center to improve the effectiveness of your advertising project.

Data Collection and Management

Data is always an essential factor in determining business strategies for every business. Specifically, companies will need to see if the campaign is working and how many customers are responding to this campaign. 

Robotic Process Automation will help them do the work to improve data analysis. This way, RPA can easily collect and analyze data about campaigns through the website. Then, businesses will automatically save and update the CRM system to diagnose and manage customer information using RPA.

Technical SEO Automation

SEO is a website optimization technique according to a standard so that google can understand and evaluate your website. From there, your website will have the opportunity to climb to the TOP search quickly. To SEO a successful website will take a lot of time for the staff. 

SEO team members can automate processes using RPA in several jobs to save time: run controls, compile reports and notify team members when detected trouble. This way, the SEO department can focus more on what needs to be done to get the site to rank on the same search results.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the benefits of RPA in the traditional field. It can be that RPA is doing well in its role in automating jobs: supporting SEO technical teams, analyzing customer data, tracking feedback interactions,…. 

These are all Jobs that require employees to spend time researching and analyzing. By using RPA, employees will have the opportunity to focus on more important tasks that bring more value to the business.