Currently, we are not too unfamiliar with the concept of Robots that automate the RPA process. These are known as “software virtual assistants.” In other words, all operations of the robot are done on the computer. 

In recent years, robots are performing their roles well and are widely accepted by users. In addition to perfect quality, Robotic Process Automation also has a reasonable price, suitable for all businesses. The following article will help you have detailed information about the types of costs you have to pay when using RPA.

RPA Cost of Development

First, when we invest in RPA technology, the first fee you have to pay is the RPA cost of Development. This is the fee that any customer who buys a software robot must pay. Each facility will have a different breakdown of costs. Typically, RPA Cost of Development will have 4 main types of fees: RPA consulting costs, RPA production tools, configuration costs, and training costs.

RPA Consulting costs

RPA Consulting costs are costs that you have to pay for individuals or organizations responsible for consulting and introducing products to you. The peculiarity of the technology industry is high specialization. Therefore, consultants must have a certain level of knowledge and understanding of software robots.

For experienced consultants, you will have to pay a rather high fee for a talk. But they will answer all your questions and information related to RPA. In addition, to save this cost, you can contact students with expertise in robotics automation. You will answer your questions and concerns about the automated process of RPA.

RPA Production Tools

The second cost you have to pay is RPA production Tools. This is the largest amount of the 4 types of expenses to develop an automatic robot. Usually, the price of RPA testing tools includes consulting fees.

Depending on your needs, you will have to pay a different fee. Each RPA tool will be priced. If you want to use any device, you will have to pay for that choice. In addition, businesses now always have preferential package policies for customers. When you buy any service pack, it will certainly cost less than buying each tool individually.

Configuration Costs

In robotic process automation, there will be many different types of robots. The higher the RPA configuration, the higher the cost. The use of high RPA profiles allows you to monitor and install RPA easily.

Training Costs

Training Costs are the number of money businesses have to pay to receive specialized training in RPA. The training will include competency training, RPA developer, and analyst training,… After the course, your staff will be able to use RPA with average proficiency.

Robotic Process Automation has a lot of indicators that it measures in the working process. Based on those metrics, businesses will know how effective the automated process is. But not everyone can understand the true meaning of those numbers. To understand it deeply, they need additional courses to share in-depth RPA experience. At that time, businesses will have to pay extra costs.

How much does PRA cost?

RPA Maintenance Costs 

Infrastructure Maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance is a fee a business must pay to the company that provides the RPA software. This is a system-wide maintenance fee, ensuring that RPA bots work properly and stably.

Example: When you want to upgrade your computer, you will have to pay an extra amount to the software company. That cost is for them to update the RPA system for you.

RPA Bot Services and Maintenance

RPA bots will not upgrade themselves to higher levels. Therefore, you will have to pay the RPA Bot Services and Maintenance fee when you want to upgrade. There are some cases where an upgrade causes RPA to malfunction. At that time, you need the help of an RPA solution provider. You will also have to pay for maintenance.

Miscellaneous Costs

This is the additional cost that you will have to pay in using Robotic Process Automation. Other surcharges include:

  • Improve process automation
  • Further integration with other production systems
  • Store activity logs of bots
  • Training course for employees

RPA Cost – Infrastructure Costs 

Software License

A software license is a document that contains all the legal terms for the distribution and use of software. Because RPA is a software robot, all data about the model and implementation method are stored entirely on the computer. 

Therefore, security is extremely important. It affects the entire system of the company that provides the software. Enterprises need to commit 100% copyright to the software company.

Cost of Disk Storage and Management Console

Disk Storage is the space to store activity logs of bots. We will have to pay a fee to be able to store all the previous data. It is extremely important to preserve activity logs. Because it is the basis for experts to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the automation process.

The Management Console is provided by the company from which you use the service. It has important significance in monitoring the job status and the status of the software robot. In addition, it also has the effect of prioritizing and managing tasks automatically.

Maximizing your ROI for RPA

ROI has the full name Return on Investment. In marketing, ROI is understood as the ratio of net profit to total investment costs. Return on Investment is useful for your business goals when it comes to something specific and must be measured.

To maximize ROI for RPA, you need to have the right automated workflow in place. Although RPA is applied to many fields, it is not the key to success. Software robots are just tools to support us in the working process. If you do not give the right strategy, the implementation of RPA will not bring the desired effect.

To maximize ROI for RPA you need:

  • Have the right workflow
  • Combine RPA with additional tools such as Process Mining, BMP, or Blueprint.
  • Complete pre-programming of software robots
  • Continuous process improvement and optimization. You should optimize before implementing process automation.
  • Minimize costs incurred (maintenance, upgrade, …). You can choose service packages to enjoy the accompanying preferential policies.

To complete a complete RPA system, we need to spend a lot of money on different expenses. But investing in Robotic Process Automation is never wrong because it brings a lot of benefits to businesses. RPA helps companies to save labor costs, increase labor productivity and relieve pressure on employees.

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