One of the great applications of RPA today is applied to automated business processes. This robot helps businesses improve profit margins and make the most of the customer base they have. In addition, it is also a monitoring tool for investors because RPA will provide them with important data. From there, businesses will have a clear direction for themselves. The following article of WinActor will introduce you to 8 use-cases of RPA in sales & marketing.

What is RPA?

RPA is a software engineering solution developed based on AI and robot software. Its full name is Robotic Process Automation, which specializes in handling repetitive tasks with fixed logic. Currently, software robots are considered “digital labor” because they operate entirely on computers and can do human jobs: collect data, copy and paste text, etc.

Robotic Process Automation works based on remembering preset actions by humans. The advantage of RPA is the ability to focus and continuity. It can work 24 hours continuously without rest. In addition, it is not governed by human language and emotions. RPA works with extreme efficiency to help businesses improve work productivity. Software robots help employees reduce boring workloads, freeing them up to other positions that need more creativity.

Robotic Process Automation has outstanding features such as easy operation, intense work, and absolute accuracy. Therefore, it is trusted by many businesses to use. Some areas where Automatic Robots are operating strongly are business, banking, insurance.

rpa in sales and marketing

8 Use-Cases of RPA In Sales & Marketing

The most prominent application of RPA is applied to the field of marketing and sales. These are jobs that require employees to have a lot of experience to be able to complete this task well. Instead of using manual labor, businesses have turned to applysoftware robots. Here are 8 effects of using software robots in sales and marketing.

Price Monitoring

RPA allows users to track market prices, so they have the best overview of their industry. When you want to consult the price of a certain product, Automated Robot will assist you in searching and sending results quickly. From there, you can take advantage of the robot to keep an eye on your competitors’ prices, adjusting them to the market.

Robotic Process Automation helps sellers save time, enabling them to switch to other jobs to improve sales efficiency. At the same time, replacing RPA will help minimize errors and generate more revenue.

BI & Cross-Functional Reporting

BI, whose full name is Business Intelligence, is a form of technology that helps businesses understand data logs, from which they will analyze and give direction in the future. In business, BI plays a very important role in identifying competitors and determining the company’s new direction in the coming time. Vendors used RPA to aggregate and store past data accurately to trend accurately aggregate and store past data. That means a lot to businesses in the process of automating processes and improving business efficiency.

The report is a detailed description of the business’s data, contributing to the assessment of the effectiveness of the company. The work of collecting data from many different sources requires employees to be highly focused. Sometimes, mistakes are inevitable when they have to process a huge amount of data. RPA was born to help them have the most complete and accurate report. Some of the jobs that automation robots are taking on are:

  • Searching for competitors on websites
  • Internal sales statistics
  • Processing purchase orders, cancellations, and refunds
  • Provide information about overdue accounts that need to be renewed

Opportunity Tracking

Tracking website bids to find new opportunities/RFPs is a time-consuming business. Automated robots can automatically monitor these sites for RFPs. As soon as there is an opportunity, RPA will notify the seller to grasp the information as quickly as possible. That will help businesses get certain advantages in their business campaigns, thereby improving business efficiency.

Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

Finding potential customers and entering contact information into the list is a very time-consuming task. This work can be completed quickly with the help of RPA technology. Businesses will not have to use manual labor to do boring jobs.

RPA will generate more leads and maximize time efficiency for sales activities. In addition to finding potential customers, robotic process automation also features customer care. RPA can do some of the following automatically:

  • Send promotional information or discount vouchers
  • Send automatic mail to customers who have used the service
  • Respond automatically and deliver notifications to the right people

Quoting process Automation

RPA’s automated sales quote work gives businesses a lot of benefits. From the pricing stage to quoting to customers, it’s entirely possible thanks to automated robots. The robot can work for 24 hours continuously, serving the maximum needs of customers. From there, RPA helps businesses increase conversion rates and improve business efficiency.

Different Data Sources & Formats

Collecting data from different format sources and manually entering that data is time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, manual manipulation will cause duplicate content, loss of content due to processing huge amounts of data. RPA’s job is to assist in aggregating information from many different sources and formats. RPA’s processing speed is faster than ours, and the accuracy is approximately 100%.

Social Media Monitoring

The amount of information on social networks is so large, it will be difficult for marketers and managers to filter and control it. RPA can replace humans doing this work. It is used as a monitoring tool, tracking trends and creating opportunities for sellers. RPA helps relieve pressure on employees by tedious tasks and optimize business processes.

Legacy System & Data

For business enterprises, it is important to change the work process to improve their business model. Most users worry about copying old data to the new system. Manual operation during this stage will cause data to be wrong, lost, or duplicated. Process automation using RPA can effectively provide fast, accurate data and system transitions.

Above are 8 great applications of RPA in the field of marketing and business. It has great significance in optimizing business processes and minimizing manipulation errors for sellers. Therefore, make the most of RPA’s artificial resources to make your customer system more effective.