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Dear Customer,

Automation is an indispensable driver of progress in the dynamic landscape of global economic integration and intensifying competition. Its application empowers businesses by amplifying productivity, streamlining costs, and elevating product standards. 

Businesses have a greater demand for the use of robots to automate processes such as manufacturing, operations, logistics, etc., which brings high efficiency, reduces errors, or applies AI optical character recognition in data entry and analysis processes to help increase speed and accuracy. This demand also depends mainly on the scale, field of operation, and goals of the business. For large-scale manufacturing businesses, this demand is even higher.

NTT DATA – Pioneering Automation Solutions 

As a trailblazing IT conglomerate in Japan, NTT DATA boasts a workforce of over 139,000 experts across 50 countries. Leveraging extensive experience in production automation, NTT DATA has successfully implemented cutting-edge solutions in prominent global enterprises spanning various industries, including manufacturing, finance, banking, automotive, and more. 

At NTT DATA, our guiding principle revolves around perpetual innovation to deliver optimal solutions to clients, harnessing advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and beyond. 

WinActor & DX Suite – Leading Automation Solutions in Japan

DX Suite, an AI-OCR (Artificial Intelligence – Optical Character Recognition) tool, harnesses artificial intelligence to convert diverse documents seamlessly into high-precision digital data. Provided by NTT DATA and powered by AI Inside, DX Suite automates manual data conversion tasks, features multilingual capabilities, and excels in handwriting recognition. Holding a commanding 64% market share, DX Suite reigns as Japan’s premier AI-OCR tool. 

– WinActor, NTT DATA’s flagship RPA software, stands as the foremost solution in Japan. This technology platform memorizes scripts to execute tasks independently, enhancing work efficiency and minimizing the need for human intervention.

With a global workforce exceeding 139,000 experts dispersed across multiple regions, NTT DATA possesses the prowess and extensive experience in applying technology to surmount the challenges encountered by businesses. In Vietnam, NTT DATA operates offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

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