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In the increasingly competitive commercial market, processing invoices quickly and efficiently is one of the crucial factors that helps businesses retain customers and enhance competitive capabilities. 

Our client is a logistics company based in Japan with a top 5 global standing in terms of quality. Every day, the company needs to process hundreds of different invoices at a rapid pace without room for errors. To address this issue, WinActor and DX Suite – Japan’s top digital transformation solutions, have been utilized by the customer in transportation and logistics to leverage their strengths and swiftly tackle the challenges they are facing. 

After implementing WinActor and DX Suite, our customer achieved remarkable results: 

– Reduce processing time from 60 seconds per file to 30 seconds per file, running twice as fast as human capability. 

– Improve identification efficiency from 88% to 99% (almost absolute). 

– Change folder structure to accommodate various types of invoices. 

– Upload more documents simultaneously. 

– Expedite the workflow process and minimize human errors. 

To achieve significant improvements in the invoice processing process, the automation solutions provided by NTT DATA offer outstanding features: 

– WinActor assists customers in automatically performing repetitive tasks with higher performance and absolute accuracy. It is also customizable to fit the characteristics and requirements of each business. 

– DX Suite helps customers identify and convert data on invoices quickly and supports up to 5 different languages (Vietnamese, English, Japanese, Chinese and Thai). 

With these achievements, automation solutions prove to be an effective way for businesses to accelerate order processing, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs. With long-term experience and expertise, NTT DATA’s experts have successfully developed two solutions, DX Suite and WinActor – the perfect combination of AI and automation. These solutions have been implemented in over 50 countries worldwide, achieving significant success for businesses. 

If you are facing challenges in order processing, contact NTT DATA today for consultation and support in deploying the most suitable automation solution for your business.